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Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker is a Certified Market Technician, Trader, SIAT/CSTA Researcher and Mentor. Founder of FibStalker Consulting Inc. and author, Giuseppe has published several research papers on money management, HFT, innovative timing, unconventional use of Fibonacci, trading methods and presents regularly at large international trading shows. He is National Board Members of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysis (CSTA/IFTA)

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Winning with Algos Community

Learn the Reality of Modern Markets

A community of smarter traders who adopt a logical approach grounded in how modern, high-volume markets work. This goes a long way and can determine success or failure in Forex, Stock and Futures trading.

Traditional Technical Analysis alone is not effective. In the “Winning with Algos” Community we focus on studying the effects on price of both Smart (Algos) and Dumb (non-professional) Money.

Much more is needed to be successful in Trading. Confidence must be built and developed. Our Community has access to course and webinars, as well as market video reviews and analysis and trading signals to earn as you learn. The trading signals must be executed and learning to trust them and to take advantage of the opportunities in the right way is key. Written trading plans can help the trader’s psychology, discipline and also help refining execution skills, in order to reach profitability and secure consistency in trading or simply diversify the available opportunities with different methods.

In any case, success in trading requires hard work, proper risk management and a trading edge that is grounded in how high-volume, modern markets work. “Winning with Algos” Community caters to traders who do not have time to perform proper analysis or are not willing to learn the craft or just want to have access to additional trading ideas.